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July 18, 2023– Nashville, Tennessee: Flaming Tortuga Records and their award-winning Songwriter & “Hillbilly Singer”, Scott Southworth have announced a September 5th release date for his new full-length CD: “Comin’ Round To Honky Tonk Again”. This is Scott’s second release on the FTR label and the 4th Traditional Country release since 2016. With songs co-written with award winning hit writers like Jerry Salley, Jan Buckingham and Bill Whyte, plus respected pro writers Jim Brantley Martin and Heino Moeller, this CD firmly plants it’s bootheels in the Traditional Honky Tonk genre that Scott has become known for all around the world.


“This album reflects where I’ve been the past 4 years creatively and as a performer” Scott says: “Given the state of the world the past few years, I felt a real responsibility in my live performances to take my listener’s mind off the stress, heaviness and division from the 24 hour news cycles - hopefully give them some laughs and a reason to tap their toes a bit. When deciding which tracks to cut from my catalogue, my main criteria was simply “Is This Fun?” - I’ll leave the politics and preaching to other great artists…I just want to make folks smile a bit. “


Flaming Tortuga Records President Terrence Pine shares: “We believe this is Scott’s best work to date! His writing continues to surprise me…every time I listen to this project, I have a new favorite song.” Terrence laughs. “I get such a kick out of his crazy songs about Granny, drunken tattoos, and electric chairs, then he hits me with an unexpected ballad that knocks me for a loop! We are so proud to have our name on this amazing album!”


For “Comin’ Round To Honky Tonk Again”, Scott partnered up again once with Buddy Hyatt productions, working again with a host of Nashville’s finest studio cats, including Brent Mason on electric guitar, Joe Spivey on Fiddle, Steve Hinson & Scotty Sanders on pedal steel. “Buddy and I just work well together” Scott says; “We both work fast in the studio…I’m not a perfectionist, I’m more interested in getting a loose, authentic vocal performance. We both come to the sessions super prepared so we can just cut loose when we hit record.”


Scott has dropped two singles already from the album: his international themed “Country No Matter What Country” which featured 7 Indie artists from 7 different countries (Currently up for a 2023 Josie Award for Vocal Event of the Year) and more recently, his duet with Indie Outlaw Road-Warrior Dallas Moore, “Granny Used To Honky Tonk” – Music Video available here:


Advance reviews have begun coming in, with Country Music People Magazine saying: “…Southworth knows his way around a Country song better than just about anybody…he approaches his work with respect, passion and with a sense of humor that Country Music used to do so well. Scott Southworth is a treasure, and this CD is a treasure trove for fans of Traditional Country.”

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SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 – Nashville, Tennessee: Flaming Tortuga Records is excited to announce the signing of Neo-Traditionalist Singer, Songwriter and Recording Artist Daryl Wayne Dasher and the upcoming release of the latest album: “Honky Tonk Ways” available everywhere on September 10, 2021.


FTR President Terrence Pine had this to say about Daryl: “We are so very excited to add “DWD” to the Flaming Tortuga family! Scott Southworth told us about him after playing a round together at the Pensacola Songwriters Fest in 2019…we snuck in and watched their set a few months later at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival and were immediately hooked on his amazing voice and enthusiasm on stage!


“Honky Tonk Ways” is the follow up to Dasher’s 2019 Indie release “Reinkarmation”. Produced by Dasher and Zach Kasic and recorded in Kasic’s Wild Feather Studio, “Honky Tonk Ways” features an impressive group of Nashville legends in the studio including pedal steel great Scotty Sanders and The Mavericks horn player Lorenzo Molina Ruiz, Jim Van Cleve and Andrew Adkins to name a few.


“…the haunting sound of the voice of Daryl Wayne “Dash” Dasher, leaves an awakened spot in my soul that was not there before. He captures your ear, heart and soul all at the same time in this newest album release “Honky Tonk Ways”.” – Dena Wood, Country Music News International, 9/21


The combination of Daryl’s rich baritone voice, top notch players and the songs Daryl wrote and selected creates an evocative, moody, western feel that’s reminiscent of Marty Robbins and other great vocalists of the 60’s and 70’s. “There were several moments during the session when Zach and I would holler out loud in excitement while Lorenzo was recording," laughs Daryl. It was a gut reaction to an "only in the studio" moment musicians get while creating; "YES! That's it!"

Scott Southworth's "These Old Bones" pre-order 6/2/20 includes new single.

NASHVILLE – Scott Southworth's "These Old Bones" begins iTunes/Apple Music pre-order Tuesday 6/2/20 and will include an advance download of the first single, "Brown Liquor." This is the first release for upstart, unheard-of, slightly obnoxious new record label, Flaming Tortuga Records.

"This song is several years old, a co-write with my pals Heino Moeller and Jeffery Hudson," Scott says. "It seems wherever I play, people want to know what CD Brown Liquor is on, so I finally took the hint."

Evoking the light-hearted spirit of classic Roger Miller, Southworth weaves his familiar vocals through this boisterous, unabashed love letter for the sweet nectar that comes from the Bourbon and Whiskey Trails of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Thanks to the popularity of this song on the road, Scott was commissioned a bonafide Kentucky Colonel back in 2015.


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Flaming Tortuga Records launches new label with hillbilly singer.

NASHVILLE – Upstart, unheard-of, borderline-obnoxious Indie co-op record label, Flaming Tortuga Records (FTR), is making its presence in Nashville known with obscurity...err...authority by announcing its first signed artist, hillbilly singer Scott Southworth.

"When we sat down with Scott and listened to his new project, we knew he was a perfect fit for our vision," says Terrence Pine, President of FTR. "We are committed to bringing new, authentic, traditional country music to the world. We believe there is a silent majority out there, hungry for cryin' cheatin', drinkin', two-steppin', honky tonk music, and we will find them, one at a time."


"Southworth is just one of the many wonderful indie artists across the US writing, recording, and performing this unique style of music," Pine said. "Now he has a home here with Flaming Tortuga Records."

Scott says, "It's been a ton of fun to work with the FTR team on this project. Happy to have found a group committed to the music I love to make."

Look for Scott's new CD "These Old Bones" to drop on 7/20/20.


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